• Exciter


    Vibration exciter is attached to some machinery and equipment to generate excitation force, is an important part of the use of mechanical vibration. The vibration exciter can make the object get a certain form and size of vibration, so as to carry out vibration and strength test on the object, or calibrate the vibration testing instrument and sensor.
  • Sieve plate

    Sieve plate

    Sieve plate, also known as porous plate, has good wear resistance, long service life, moisture resistance and wear resistance. It is suitable for washing, screening, grading, deslagging, desliming, dewatering and other mechanical industries.
  • Vibration motor

    Vibration motor

    A set of adjustable eccentric blocks are installed at both ends of the rotor shaft, and the exciting force is obtained by using the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the shaft and the eccentric block. The vibration frequency range of the vibration motor is large, and the mechanical noise can be reduced only if the exciting force and power are matched properly.
  • Vibrator


    The working part of the vibrator is a rod-shaped hollow cylinder with eccentric vibrator inside. Driven by the motor, it can produce high-frequency and micro amplitude vibration. The vibration frequency can reach 12000-15000 times / min. it has good vibration effect, simple structure and long service life. It is suitable for vibrating beams, columns, walls and other components and mass concrete.