Vibration motor waterproof

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The whole screening process of vibrating motor is to screen and grade the materials. The materials of different specifications are divided into the upper and lower materials. The screening efficiency should be high, the relative processing capacity should meet the requirements, and the materials can also be transported. There are various reasons for the screening of materials by vibrating screen, so that the materials smaller than the mesh can not pass through the sieve hole of the vibrating screen smoothly. Only a small part of the fine materials can be discharged through the sieve hole, while the other materials smaller than the sieve hole are mixed with the materials larger than the sieve hole (i.e. the material on the screen).

For the vibration motor screening equipment, the effective screening area, screen structure, vibrating screen structure, vibration frequency and amplitude are also the main factors affecting the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen; due to the size of the material, humidity (moisture content), the distribution of granular materials and material fluidity, it is also the main reason that directly affects the screening rate of the vibrating screen. The materials with good relative fluidity, small water content, regular particle shape, smooth edge and no edges and corners are easy to pass through the screen.

In order to improve the screening efficiency of the vibrating motor, for those fine materials and materials that are difficult to screen, the circular vibrating screen can adjust the rotation direction of the vibrator (reverse the material flow rotation) to extend the contact time between the screen surface and the material, which is conducive to the screening rate, but the processing capacity will be relatively reduced; the linear vibrating screen can appropriately reduce the downward tilt angle of the vibrating screen surface or increase it Vibration tilt angle is used to slow down the running speed of materials and improve the screening rate; for materials that are easy to be screened and large particles, the downward tilt angle of the screen surface of the vibrating screen can be increased or the vibration inclination angle can be reduced to speed up the forward flow of materials, so as to improve the processing capacity. If the output of the linear vibrating screen is required to be higher, and the screening efficiency and handling capacity should be met, the width and length of the vibrating screen surface can be increased.

Post time: Aug-31-2020