Selection skills of linear vibrating screen


1. according to site selection

The length and width of the site should be considered for the linear vibration screening type; sometimes the width of the outlet of the linear vibrating screen is limited, and the height of the site is also limited. At this time, two vibrating motors can be placed on the top or both sides of the linear vibrating screen according to the site conditions.


2. The screening accuracy and screening yield of materials should be considered

1) The larger the length of the screen surface of the linear vibrating screen, the higher the screening accuracy, the larger the width, the higher the screening yield. Therefore, the appropriate width and length should be selected according to the specific situation.

2) When the production capacity is low, we can choose the smaller type of vibrating screen, and when the production capacity is high, we should choose the large-scale linear vibrating screen.


3. Inclination angle of screen surface of linear vibrating screen,

If the inclination angle of the screen surface is too small, the material will be blocked. If the inclination angle is too large, the screening accuracy will be reduced. Therefore, the inclination angle of the screen surface should be moderate.


4. nature of material

1) When choosing vibrating screen, we should choose different materials according to different material properties. For example, corrosive to choose stainless steel vibrating screen.

2) The mesh size is selected according to the size of material particles.

Post time: Aug-31-2020