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Multi element high efficiency screen is a humanized and intelligent screening equipment designed by our company according to market demand and production practice.

Performance and characteristics of multi element high efficiency screen.

1. The feeder and vibrating screen are integrated into one. The whole feeder is in the sealing body of the feeding end of the vibrating screen, and the vibration source of the feeding end is outside the sealing body. The rubber soft connection is used to connect with the sealing cover, which greatly saves the height space.

2. The vibrating feeder is located inside the vibrating screen, which reduces the opening point of dust overflow. The gate chute is directly inserted into the feeding part of the vibration feeding port, which improves the environmental protection effect.

3. Integral vibration screen, screen vibration, screen side does not participate in vibration, reduce the vibration quality, reduce the impact on the foundation. The screen and vibration exciter are installed in sections, vibrate independently, easy to disassemble and maintain.

4. The vibration exciter is placed outside the screen side, which eliminates the possibility that a large amount of dust is easy to enter the bearing chamber, and the bearing has a long service life.

5. sintering sieve plate is a single-layer double-sided bar sieve plate with high screening efficiency. The coke screen adopts stainless steel bar or ceramic bar bar, with long wear-resistant life.

6. The structure of 6-element high-efficiency screen is well sealed and has good environmental protection effect.

7. Seven The feeding system is sealed at the feeding end of the vibrating screen. The material flows from the chute gate to the feeder, then to the chute at the discharge end of the shale shaker and its upper material, and the material under the screen to the discharge hopper and chute. All the hard connections are sealed without dust overflow point, which can reduce the air volume of the vibration screen dust collector under the blast furnace trough, and save the dust removal energy consumption and maintenance of environmental protection equipment to a greater extent Material cost and labor cost.

8. multi element high efficiency screen body almost life-long maintenance free, only replace screen plate and vibration exciter.

Multi element high efficiency screen, excellent performance, ultra-low operating cost, is your ideal choice.

Post time: Sep-01-2020