How to maintain vibration motor

振动电机1. Daily cleaning

Due to the vibration motor base, external parts of the machine are easy to accumulate dust and grease, in the process of daily use of vibration motor should be often cleaned and wiped. At the same time, the operator should check and clean the terminals of the motor wiring. If the screws are found to be loose during the inspection, they should be tightened and strengthened in time.


2. Check the transmission device frequently

The transmission device is a convenient place to pay attention to in daily maintenance. It is mainly to check whether the coupling and belt pulley have broken or damaged. Still have should be checked every interval namely install whether firm, can prolong service life so. If abnormal sound is found in the operation of vibration motor, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and can be started again after troubleshooting.


3. Check the insulation performance of the motor

If the working environment of the vibration motor is relatively humid, attention should be paid to the insulation performance of the motor, otherwise it will be easy to break the insulation when starting the next time. If the surface is found to be wet or there is condensation, it needs to be dried first.

Post time: Nov-03-2020