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Elastic environmental protection screen is the latest development of our company for the classification of fine particles of wet sticky materials with large processing capacity.

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Elastic environmental protection screen is the latest development of our company for the classification of fine particles of wet sticky materials with large processing capacity. It is mainly aimed at materials with moisture content above 10% and particle size below 10 mm. It can be widely used for material classification in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, hydropower, thermal power generation, city gas, urban garbage, sewage purification and other industries.


Structural features

1. the screen of the screen machine is in the integral screen box, the screen screen is the vibration reference body, and the screen box and seal cover are static.

In the non parametric vibration system, the vibration source is fixed on the parametric vibration network, and the vibration source is connected with the static screen side through elastic soft connection.


2 the elastic environmental protection screen is composed of two fixed frames, which are independent,

They are connected by cross beams. The deformable screen surface is installed on the cross beam. The screen frame is composed of two side baffles, and the cross beam is connected with each other. The sieve plate contains a sieve surface which forms a bouncing flow and is installed on the cross beam. The two screen frames are connected by a guide spring.


Screening principle

The screen machine is equipped with several pieces of pull telescopic elastic screen, the screen in staggered layout of the inner and outer beams.

Under the push-pull action of re approach and separation, the trampoline type movement of downward relaxation and upward tension occurs on the net surface. Under the action of screen amplitude and screen elongation bouncing, the material continuously carries on the catenary surface, bounces loose and falls through the screen to complete the sorting operation.


Performance characteristics

1. the maximum amplitude of screen is 40-50 mm, the throwing acceleration is 30-50 g, and the bounce amplitude of material is 10 times of that of conventional vibrating screen, which can completely loosen all kinds of difficult to screen materials.

2. when the elastic screen is stretched for 0-5mm, the mesh width will be slightly increased (screen breathing), which can completely avoid blocking the wet sticky materials on the surface of the mesh screen, without adhesion and jamming.

3. the feeding end of screen machine is equipped with buffer plate, which can feed with high level difference, and the screen has high reliability.

4. dry screening machine has higher screening rate, higher screening efficiency and greater production capacity.

5. screen vibration, screen box does not participate in vibration, overall screen machine static seal, good environmental protection effect.

6. the internal screen can be made in multiple ways to complete the screening of materials with large processing capacity

7. the screen machine adopts high performance elastic screen, elastic connecting rod plate and support made of imported raw materials.

Plate, diaphragm coupling and main engine transmission system, long service life of screen (specific service life is determined according to the processing capacity of screen machine and material condition), and the screen machine has high reliability.

8. the transmission mechanism operates at the frequency of 10-11.6hz, and the whole machine load is small, which is suitable for all kinds of.

When the equipment is updated in the static load-bearing situation, the impact force on the foundation is small and there is no resonance phenomenon.

9. the screen is press fit, which is quick and convenient to replace and save time and maintenance cost.

10. the motor power is small, which can save 30% energy consumption compared with other vibrating screens.

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