• Scraper conveyor

    Scraper conveyor

    The scraper conveyor is composed of head part, middle tank body, tail part, scraper conveyor chain, driving device and installation sleeper beam. Fully closed structure, no material leakage during operation; conveyor chain adopts roller chain, single chain layout form; the import and export of equipment, conveying length can be flexibly designed and arranged according to the process requirements.
  • Screw conveyor

    Screw conveyor

    The diameter of LS type screw conveyor is 100 mm- The maximum length of single drive screw machine can reach 40m (oversize 30m). The double drive screw machine adopts the structure of middle broken shaft, and the maximum length can reach 80m (super large 60m).
  • SCG Vibrating conveyor

    SCG Vibrating conveyor

    SCG series long-distance high-temperature material vibration conveyor is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, coal, chemical industry, grain, medicine and other industries. The temperature is below 300 ℃ for all kinds of powder, granular, block and their mixture.